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About Perceptive Healthcare

Consultants who work for the company come from a variety of backgrounds and experience, including clinical, business, and consulting firms. Many have worked in the healthcare marketplace for more than 15 years. This variety of expertise combined with a culture of collaboration and excellence helps deliver unique and deep perspective to the challenges currently facing client organizations. PHC consultants focus on the process, personnel, and business objectives facing clients and through a methodical and exhaustive approach deliver solutions aimed at resolving and addressing these challenges.

PHC consultants have spent years managing work flows and processes related to Decision Support, and understand how this process forms the backbone of the healthcare environment. These consultants work alongside hospital staff, and are disciplined and experienced in delivering solid results, as defined by the client. PHC is recognized as a valuable asset on some of the largest healthcare Information Technology projects in the United States.

Perceptive Healthcare, Inc.: Medical Information Systems Consulting Company

John Muise

Owner / Founder
Phone: 978-276-3000

John Muise established Perceptive Healthcare, Inc. in 2005. In his current role, he oversees day to day operations of all consulting and project management engagements. John has successfully procured several dozen consulting engagements. The projects include consulting, staffing, go-live implementations, as well as multi-year support contracts for revenue cycle and integration systems. John has over 20 years of experience as a healthcare revenue cycle provider, vendor and consultant. Additionally, John has over 10 years staffing and consulting placement expertise in the healthcare sector.

Rich Gelineau

Phone: 201-704-4902

Rich Gelineau joined Perceptive Healthcare, Inc. in 2008. In his current role as Senior Partner of Revenue Cycle, he is responsible for all revenue cycle implementations, projects, and work flow design. Rich manages the daily activities of all staff consultants as well as revenue cycle work flow and milestone metrics. Rich serves as a core decision maker for the company's business strategies. Rich has over 25 years experience working as a healthcare information technology consultant and Senior Project Manager. Rich has in-depth knowledge and expertise implementing revenue cycle systems as well as core work flow design. Rich is a talented professional and has a wealth of knowledge on strategically implementing revenue cycle systems on-time and on-budget.

Mark Schille

Phone: 978-276-3070

Mark Schille joined Perceptive Healthcare, Inc. in 2009. Mark's major role in the company is development of new business and partnerships focused on clinical and integration projects. Mark has successfully procured new business contracts with one of the major teaching hospital in the Northeast, a world renown leader for patient care. Mark's achievement has allowed for PHC to expand outside of the revenue cycle forum and strategically expand both clinical and integration projects, driving the company's growth opportunities. Mark has over 15 years of sales and business development experience in the information technology and communications sector.